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The Gift Registry

This was not one of the things either of us originally thought of, and we definitely did not anticipate needing to start a gift registry that early. But I’m glad we did this now because it ended up being a little more work than we thought!

We thought choosing a store would be easy. Both of us thought we would go with one of the big department stores, but in the end, one of the less popular, and smaller stores really stood out for us. 

Here’s how we made our decision:

We learned from our experience as guests. 
Where did others have their gift registries set up? Did we like how the shopping experience was for us? This helped us cut one store out of the question.

We did some research. 
What kind of experience did other couples have with gift registries at that particular store? If they had problems with the registry itself, the follow-up, or the products, this would be something to take into consideration.
We visited the stores (and their websites).
Is the store easy to walk around and shop at? Do they provide professional customer service? Do they have a website that is also easy to navigate? We never thought this would be an important factor, but making gift shopping easy for our guests is extremely important. Especially if they are last-minute shoppers, it’s super important that they can quickly and easily locate what they want to get, right then and there.
We wanted variety. 
Do they have a good selection of products (both in brands and in prices) for you to choose from? When we started scanning things for our registry, we really, really, enjoyed the options we had. Half the fun of starting the registry is being able to choose what is best for us, for our new home, and what we really like. On a side note, you may be pleasantly surprised to find what you always thought only existed in your head actually does exist!!
We wanted good quality. 
It would be horrible if we got everything we wanted in our gift registry, only to find them broken after one use. Quality is very important. We want these gifts to last as long as possible! 
A great completion program.
This is what happens to the registry after the event. We did not give this too much thought, but several stores had different completion features, and some were naturally more attractive than others. It turns out the store we chose has a great completion program that would work with our way of doing things. That’s a bonus! 

The part that follows is making sure we register for enough gifts in a huge range of prices, and also making sure we register for all the items we absolutely need for the new home. Our store just happens to have tools to help us be organized in that way. The more I think about this, the more I am happy about setting up our gift registry with them. I always love people who can make the wedding planning process easier for us!!! Thanks, Home Outfitters, for being great so far!

<The pictures above are snapshots of an episode from Friends, where Monica ended up opening all the wedding gifts herself because she couldn’t wait until Chandler got home! Not completely relevant, but it’s what came to mind when I thought of “wedding gifts” =) >